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Mr. &  Mrs. Dontae Cooke

September 27,2014

                                     Welcome to

              CLOSE2MYHEART INC.


CLOSE2MYHEART is a full service Wedding Planning and Coordinating Company.  CLOSE2MYHEART dedicates to being with you throughout your entire wedding adventure, and guarantees a "STRESS FREE" time leading up to, and on your special day.


CLOSE2MYHEART will make your vision a reality. We are comprised of a professional staff that is praised for outstanding organizational skills, the patience of a Saint, and the art of having that eye for detail.


CLOSE2MYHEART will connect to you spiritually.   God is the connection to a wonderful, long lasting marriage. 


CLOSE2MYHEART is here to direct and guide you along your path of marital bliss.


Let us "LOVE" one another; for "LOVE" is of "GOD" 1 John 4: 7


CLOSE2MYHEART also provides other party/event coordination and planning services

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